The Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Visit the National Presidential Wax Museum

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Whether you’re an American History fanatic or looking to add an unforgettable experience to your next trip to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, the National Presidential Wax Museum is one of the most affordable attractions in the Black Hills! Open from March through October, it’s the perfect place to learn, while taking in incredible depictions of times past in our nation’s history, as well as fantastic craftsmanship. Perhaps you’ve visited the museum before or you’re just now finding out about us while planning your Black Hills vacation. Either way, we hope the National Presidential Wax Museum is at the top of your must-see list next time you’re in the area.

To help give you a better taste of the magic that awaits you at the National Presidential Wax Museum, we’ve gathered the top seven reasons why you should come see us on your next Black Hills vacation!

  1. The National Presidential Wax Museum is the perfect attraction for people of all ages: Whether you’re a pre-teen interested in learning more about American History or a senior who has lived through a great deal of our nation’s history, the museum offers something for everyone. Most importantly, the museum spares no room for imagination with our incredibly life-like depictions of US Presidents and other influential figures from our nation and world’s history. But just how many figures are there?
  2. We’ve got over 100 wax figures for you to marvel over in awe: Walk through time and see lifelike exhibits of our nation’s history dating back hundreds of years! Name any major figure in United States history and you can almost guarantee we’ll have them in our Museum! Best of all, you’ll be able to learn about history as you go!
  3. Our admission prices can’t be beat: When most people think of visiting a museum, they expect to pay a pretty penny to enjoy the craftsmanship and hard work of artists. Knowing cost is extremely important while traveling with the family or large groups of people, the National Presidential Wax Museum’s admission prices are quite affordable. In fact, we are one of the most affordable attractions in the Black Hills! We even offer discounts for large groups, as well as military & veteran discounts. You can click here to learn more about our ticket prices/tours and here to purchase tickets for your future visit.
  4. Our wax figures have been sculpted by some of the greatest wax artists of our time: When you come to the National Presidential Wax Museum, you can expect to see wax figures that will absolutely blow your mind. Having combined the talents of several wax sculptors over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for presenting figures that go the extra mile in their likeness. You can learn even more about the history of the Wax Museum on our ‘history page’!
  5. Our location couldn’t get any better: We mean it when we say that the National Presidential Wax Museum is in one of the best spots you’ll find in the entirety of the Black Hills. A part of the iconic Keystone business district, the Wax Museum is under 2 miles away from Mt. Rushmore, under 20 miles from Crazy Horse Memorial, and 21 miles from Rapid City. No matter where you’re staying in the Black Hills, the National Presidential Wax Museum is easy to get to and is the perfect introduction to presidential history – especially if a trip to Mt. Rushmore is in the books for your next vacation.
  6. The excitement doesn’t end at wax figures: While our wax figures are the cornerstone of our museum exhibits, our visitors love to explore our collection of original oil paintings from Harvey Dunn, our unique collection of photography that helps tell the story of our nation, as well as our collection of life masks cast from major figures in our nation and world’s history – one of which was borrowed by Walt Disney (you’ll have to visit the museum to learn more about that story).
  7. Our Gift Shop is like no other: While other local attractions are overrun by the same Black Hills merchandise throughout, the National Presidential Wax Museum Gift Shop is in a league of its own when it comes to offering cool merchandise. With an endless assortment of unique gifts, trinkets, and tchotchkes, you’re sure to find the perfect presents and items to preserve the memories of your time at the museum, as well as your time in the hills. Perhaps you’ll even find the perfect gift for the history buff in your life when you explore our collection of president-related items for sale!

Having read the top seven reasons why you need to stop by the National Presidential Wax Museum next time you take a trip to Western South Dakota, we hope you’ll come see us! To learn more about the Wax Museum, you can peruse our website or give us a call at (605)-666-4455!

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