Unveiling the latest Wax Figure to Join our Collection: President Joe Biden

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The induction of a new president into office holds exciting news for the National Presidential Wax Museum: the unveiling of a new figure to add to our abounding collection of wax figures. In this case, we’re excited to welcome President Joe Biden to our collection!

This figure is no exception to the quality and sheer craftsmanship we have come to know from our lead sculptor, Jethro Crabb. Jethro’s wax figures are regarded as some of the most realistic wax figures ever created and this new figure will be sure to amaze! As the 101st wax figure to join our collection and Jethro’s second contribution to our Museum, we’re excited as ever to celebrate the talent of our amazing sculptor and tell the next chapter of our nation’s history up to the present day.

While it’s one thing to marvel in awe at the accuracy of our wax figures, it’s another thing to dive deeper into the amazing work and time that went into making our most accurate figure yet!


A Quick Glance at the Process of Building President Joe Biden in Wax & Clay!

Creating a wax figure that measures up to the true perfection we aim to achieve in all our figures involves much time spent researching the President, collecting imagery, and artifacts! With these resources, Jethro was able to identify all of the defining features that must be included in his end product – all the way down to mole placement, hairline shape, and more.

President Biden’s wax re-creation was no exception! Using all of the measurements and photos collected, Jethro had everything he needed to create our most realistic figure yet. Rather than using a human body to create the fiberglass cast for President Biden’s figure, Jethro sculpted the body mold cast out of clay to ensure every unique feature of the President’s body was perfect prior to creating the fiberglass body.

Upon crafting the clay body cast, fiberglass body, and head of President Biden’s figure, Jethro spent much time applying more clay and wax to capture every defining feature of the President. From the color of his eyes to his wrinkles and moles, Jethro’s masterpiece is a magnificent site to behold – one that we are proud to welcome into our museum.

While we could easily talk about our admiration of our latest wax figure addition, we’ll leave its true beauty up to your imagination until you’re able to come see it in person! Already intrigued and want to come see President Biden and our wax figure collection? Order tickets for your next trip to the National Presidential Wax Museum today, by clicking here!

Want to learn more about the process of bringing our wax sculptures to life? Check out our Process page – you’re sure to learn something you never knew before.

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