46 Presidential Facts You Didn’t Know – Part 2

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Have you ever wanted to one-up your friends with your knowledge of odd and unique facts about past U.S. Presidents? Look no further than this blog article, and the article that came before it! As resident US President experts at the National Presidential Wax Museum in Keystone, South Dakota, we’re sharing our favorite odd facts about Presidents in US History from William McKinley through Joe Biden.

William McKinley - Six months into McKinley’s second term in office he was assassinated in Buffalo, New York when he went to shake a man's hand. Instead, the man shot William twice.

Theodore Roosevelt - In 1884 on Valentine’s Day, Roosevelt's mother passed away due to a common sickness, typhoid fever. That very same day, 12 hours later, in the same house, just one floor above; Roosevelt’s wife died of Bright's disease and complications from the birth of their first daughter two days beforehand.  

William Howard Taft - Taft is a president that you might have heard of a few times taking the cake for the most obese U.S. President. Also known for getting stuck in the bathtub which later finding out is a myth, contrary to popular belief. William was a big guy, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in between 325 and 350 pounds.

Woodrow Wilson - The 100,000-dollar bill was printed in 1934 and has the face of Woodrow Wilson. Now these bills were never meant for general use, but to be used as an accounting device for the Federal Reserve. The reason you have probably never heard or seen this dollar is because it's illegal for any individual to own. 

Warren G. Harding - Harding backed the 18th Amendment prohibiting the sale of alcohol but according to a White House employee Harding was quite the hypocrite since he had been known to drink as he pleased inside the White House.

Calvin Coolidge - Calvin is the first and only president that was born on July 4th, although a few presidents have died on that very day.

Herbert Hoover - During Herbert’s presidency it was reported that the Hoover family would speak Chinese to each other in order to have private conversations.

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Franklin D. Roosevelt will forever be the longest serving president, after serving his presidency for 3 terms, resulting in 12 years due to the growing threat of Nazi Germany at the time. 

Harry S. Truman - Truman is most known for the Atomic Bomb, which put an end to World War II.

Dwight D. Eisenhower - Eisenhower served in the military for 35 years but never a single day of active combat although he did have many training roles.

John F. Kennedy - Serving as the 35th president, JFK is the youngest elected president of the United States and still ranks today as one of the most popular presidents. 

Lyndon B. Johnson - President Johnson's first career was as a teacher, teaching 5th, 6th, and 7th grade to pay for his time in college.

Richard M. Nixon - Nixon had a chance to attend Harvard but ended up declining the offer due to his family needing him.

Gerald R. Ford - As a high school athlete, Ford won a scholarship to the University of Michigan to play for their college team and was named their ‘most valuable player’. Ford was offered to play in the NFL by two different teams but ended up turning them down.

James Carter - James Carter pushed his military career to the side so he could return home and save the family peanut farm.

Ronald Regan - Regan really enjoyed Jelly Beans.

George H. W. Bush - Bush was one of the youngest pilots in the navy at just 18 years old. 

William J. Clinton - On William’s last day as president he gave 140 pardons, although throughout his presidency he gave out 456 pardons and clemency. 

George W. Bush - Bush is now a self-proclaimed hobbyist painter.

Barack Obama - Obama is a published author of three books.

Donald J. Trump - Donald was sent to military school at age 13 due to his father thinking he needed more discipline. 

Joseph R. Biden Jr. - Joe’s favorite snack is ice cream. He said in 2016 “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, but I eat a lot of ice cream.” 

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